Manufacturing: NX turning


This seminar teaches the skills required for 2-axis turn programming. The opportunities and functions are presented and simulated based on application scenarios. Special cases and practical experiences highlight the range of opportunities that the module provides for daily application requirements. The ombination with the modules learned in the basic course is recommended, this training course finishes with end-to-end NC machining.

  • Introduction to 2-axis turning
  • Working with the Operation Navigation Tool (philosophy, structure)
  • 2-axis turning functionalities: roughing, finishing, teach mode, grooving, thread cutting, drilling, reaming and tapping at the centre of rotation
  • Milling/drilling using power tools
  • Programming a complete rotating part based on a workflow plan
  • Simulation/Optimisation of the operations
  • Post-processing using UG-Post
Weitere Voraussetzungen

Basics of NC processing technology as well as experience working with NX.

Anmerkung zur Dauer

One additional day on-site is recommended in order to further explore the applications and increase efficiency. Additional days as required.

Manufacturing: NX turning

NX CAM Course

3 Tage



  • Production engineers
  • NC programmers
  • production planning employees

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