25 Years JANUS Engineering

25 years of JANUS Engineering - Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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25 years of JANUS Engineering - 25 years digital manufacturing!

1996: Germany becomes European soccer champion, Dolly the cloned sheep is born and Werner Karp founds JANUS Engineering Germany. Reason enough to take a look at the past and the future to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

How can machine tools be automated with computers and manufacturing processes speed up? Werner Karp is one of the pioneers involved in technologies related to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). A mechanical engineer by training, he gained experience in this new and rapidly growing field already in 1981 - as an employee at McDonnell Douglas, the founding company of the CAD/CAM system UNIGRAPHICS/NX. Finally, in 1996, Karp founded JANUS Engineering Germany to help manufacturing companies around the world become more productive. It was a decision that paid off. With its top positioning, the young company quickly gained experience and after a short time was working for well-known customers in nearly every industry.

Werner Karp, CEO JANUS Engineering

Werner Karp, CEO

"Our job is to create optimal work processes for customers".

Today, JANUS Engineering proudly looks back on dynamic growth. The company meanwhile operates internationally - with six locations in Germany (Sindelfingen), Switzerland, France, Austria, USA and Hungary. It employs over 70 people who support companies from all over the world in automating their development and manufacturing processes. In addition, they develop their own software and interfaces to meet individual customer requirements. "We recognized early on that there is a trend toward hybridization. Customers want to and will always work with multiple systems. Our job is to combine the best solutions into an optimal customer solution - based on Siemens' very powerful and forward-looking technologies," explains Karp. "We will continue to support and simplify this interaction in the future with experienced know-how, our own products, interfaces and adaptations.

New technology concept enables new ways of process automation

Janus was the Roman god of all origins, beginnings and endings. Earliest images show him with a double face looking forward and backward. "The Janus head, looking into the past and the future, symbolizes for us the challenge of applying the experience of the last 25 years to the continuously growing requirements of our customers," says Karp. "With trusting customer relationships, a highly motivated team and the drive to always be innovative, JANUS Engineering feels equipped to be a proven partner to customers in the future."

Janus Head Past and Future

For the future, JANUS is also pursuing a technology approach where deep learning, highly integrated process information and a variety of possible system integrations will enable new avenues for process automation. "The deepened cooperation with Siemens Motion Control results in an expansion of the product portfolio towards improved use of the manufacturing information itself and thus further optimization of benefits. Consistent cooperation with specialized partners continues to be a clear strategic objective in order to cover complete process chains."

25 Years JANUS Engineering

"We thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts".

Cooperation with customers around the world has lasted for decades in some cases. "We want to thank our customers for their loyalty," says Karp. "They give us the opportunity to grow together, to identify industry trends together, to develop suitable technologies and strategies for individual automation solutions together at an early stage." Siemens has long been convinced of the expertise. Active as a service partner from the very beginning, JANUS Engineering became an OEM partner very early due to its own products, a sales partner for the NX and Teamcenter systems in 2009 and later also a development partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software. Since 2019 also Smart Expert Partner.  With this status, Siemens honors sales partners who have repeatedly demonstrated sound expert knowledge in projects.

The fact that JANUS Engineering can look back on steady growth is due in no small part to its employees. "Especially, we thank them for their loyalty, motivation and creativity over the past decades," Karp emphasizes. "We know that this commitment and low employee turnover cannot be taken for granted in times of a shortage of skilled workers. We look forward to the next 25 years together!"