Post Configurator Basics


This training offers an overview of all basic functions of the Post Configurators. In this training you will learn how to create your own postprocessor using the Post Configurator. You will integrate and customize the postprocessor into NX. We will give you practical examples of the possibilities you have in this module. We will also adapt definition and dialogue files and integrate these accordingly.

  • Structure, architecture and concept
  • Basics and use of the graphical user interface
  • Modular configuration for new post-processors 
  • Integrated tools for processing (TCL-,DEF- and CDL-Editor) 
  • Definitions and dialogue files involved 
  • Debugging and error analysis using ths NX code 
  • Integrating your own dialogues into the Post Configurator and their response in the postprocessor 
  • Various practical application examples of simple adjustments
Additional Requirements

PC knowledge is required.

NX Continuous Release 1926 or recommended higher.

Additional informations for the duration

Since the training course only provides an overview of the functions of the post-configurator, it is possible to deepen this knowledge through additional consulting days.

Post Configurator Basics

Postprocessor Course

3 Days



  • CAM-User
  • Employees in production planning
  • Developers
  • Production engineers

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