• AC Auto (Adaptive Control)

Optimize MyMachining/Adaptive Control

Minimize production wear and tool wear through adaptive feed control.

Shorten your cycle times by automatically optimizing your feed control with Adaptive Control.

Adaptive Control is a software solution, that monitors cutting forces in real time and optimizes your machining feed. This simultaneously increases productivity and minimizes tool wear.


  • Increased feeds and speeds result in shorter cycle times which increases productivity

  • Minimizing tool wear reduces downtime and saves resource cost

  • Greatly increases process stability by protecting against tool failure

  • Constant and repeatable workpiece quality
  • Minimal time expenditure for configuration
  • Simple and intuitive control over for all features of adaptive control
  • Minimal downtimes for installation, no new hardware in your machine

An insight into Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control is based on the tried-and-true adaptive feed control technology. Real time analysis finds fluctuations and changes in cutting conditions and automatically optimises the next cycle for minimal tool wear.

This has a positive impact on tool conditions and wear, which is guaranteed through a constant cutting pressure, as well as cycle times that are minimized by increasing speeds in blank cuts. Additionally this optimization improves the quality of your part by greatly increasing surface quality and precision.

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