• SpeedMill


The intelligent software for automating NC programming

SpeedMill is adaptive software which automates, creates and processes recurring NC programming tasks at the push of a button. SpeedMill relieves your NC programmers of work, standardises quality in programming and makes room for more complex programming tasks.

Use the advantages of SpeedMill

  • Continuous optimisation of processes
  • Time savings of up to 80% during programming
  • Standardised programming quality
  • Retain and share your process know-how
  • Minimal training requirements

An insight into the module

SpeedMill is considered the simplest self-learning automation in NC programming. Our software is impressively easy to use and intelligent. Through standard programming the user specifies the particular geometry types to be machined and the tool and technological values to be used. The system learns this procedure at the touch of a button. Repetition of this machining can be applied to other components with no problems. Select component - compute - finished. Whenever a geometry type, machining, tool or technology setting is new: display - learn - finished.

Technical facts at a glance

  • No additional programming necessary for control mechanisms
  • Automatic geometry recognition by means of pattern recognition from defined machining
  • Intelligent learning of machining strategies through interactive NC programming
  • Ease of use, automatic and interactive working hand-in-hand
  • Can be used in a highly flexible manner, with or without tool management

Benefit from JANUS expertise

SpeedMill is intelligent software specially developed by JANUS for automating your NC programming. We are not just the developers, we are also a competent partner. Simplify your processes and benefit from the cumulative experience of the JANUS team of experts.

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