• NX CMM automation

NX CMM – Automations

NX CMM is now capable of generating tactile scanning operations automatically!

NX CMM Inspection Programming

NX CMM Inspection Programming enables programming CMMs with a pure 3D simulation, as well as visualization and analysis of measurement data in the NX graphical environment.

Reduce programming time by creating automatic scanning operations

Boundary scan on plane

The new Boundary scan on plane function enables you to create plane scanning operations automatically, without having to define a curve with CAD functionality.

Achieve accurate inspections and reduce the inspection programming time of planes dramatically by creating automatic boundary scanning operations! 

Scan circle on Pins and Holes 

More, than 90% of the CMM inspected features are planes and holes. Automate & increase CMM inspection throughput by creating efficient inspection operations by automatic scanning arcs / circles on holes and pins! 

Scan circle on Cones

Scan circle on Cones

Conical features can give troubles in inspection programming. The new functionality of NX CMM enables you to generate fast and accurate cone inspections. 

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