NX CMM is enabled in NX CAM!

CMM in CAM, enabling CAM users to create CMM operations in Machining environment. 

NX CMM Inspection Programming as Metrology partially enabled for testing in CAM environment

NX CMM Inspection Programming features are now partially available in the Machining environment. Many CAM users requested to enable the CMM program generation in a more CAM-alike way, without launching the separate NX CMM environment. NX CMM is now available as a preview in CAM since NX1953.


Create NX CMM inspection programs in CAM as Metrology!

NX CMM enablement in CAM as the first stage, an Early Access toggle. Switch on the Early Access Feature “Enable Inspection Operations in Manufacturing”, then enable the Metrology ribbon to test the new function.

NX CAM - Early Access Features

Enable the early access feature 

Metrology Ribbon

Enable the Metrology ribbon 

NX CAM - Metrology Ribbin in Manufacturing

Use the Metrology ribbon in Manufacturing.

NX Metrology in Machining environment now able to create inspection features, paths and tolerances. Simulation is also available for 5-axis path, collision avoidance and indexable head handling is coming soon in the future maintenance releases.

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