NX CMM Inspection Programming enhacements, new functions

NX CMM Inspection Programming enahcements in NX1953 is focusing on enabling advanced inspection programming techniques simple to use and reduce programming time. 

Enhance probe path quality of 5-axis inspection opearations

5-axis cmm inspection with Renishaw Revo and Revo 2 systems are extremely efficient and accurate at the same time, if the inspection program is properly defined. Programming of 5-axis inspection paths were extremely challanging even with 3D simulations.

In NX1953, programming of Revo 5-axis inspection path is enhanced and extended with the possiblitly to adjust the tilt and advance angles within the inspection path. The new feature enables simple inspection programming of airfoil sections, and other, non-prismatic, complex geometries.

Plane scanning with lines

The new scan on plane function enables you to create plane scanning operations automatically, without having to define any curves with CAD functionality.

Achieve fast, accurate inspections and reduce the inspection programming time of planes dramatically by creating automatic line and zig-zag scanning operations in NX CMM!

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