Single Dialog Inspection Operation NX CAM! 

We are continually improving the application of NX CMM in CAM. 

NX CMM Inspection Programming as Metrology fully enabled for testing in CAM environment.

NX CMM Inspection Programming functions were initially enabled as an Early Access feature in NX1953. In NX1980 and the maintenance releases of NX1980 we are adding more stability and extending functionality to CMM in CAM. 

In this short demonstration, we would like to show, how to use CMM in NX Manufacturing, to create a fully featured inspection plan. 

Single operation CMM - Metrology Dialog in NX Manufacturing! 

We streamlined NX CMM user experience for NX CAM look & feel, structure and workflow, what enables CAM users to create CMM inspection programs with ease. 

We see that during the last years, more and more CAM users are becoming CMM programmers as well. This process is rapidly happening due to higher and higher level of process integration and lack of metrology people. To support our CAM users, we are transforming NX CMM become CAM. With this step, we implement the CAM look and feel, workflows for NX CMM. Of course, this doesn’t mean we stop NX CMM as it is today, we keep it with full functionality, and offer the CMM in CAM as a parallel solution. 

The new Metrology dialog enables to create a single operation what is encapsulating the CMM feature, path and tolerance, or multiple features, paths and tolerances. 

The release of the fully featured Metrology Dialog is planned to be released in one of the maintenance releases of NX1980

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