• SpeedMill

Speed up your CAM programming by up to 80% 

CAM programmers can at last breathe a sigh of relief. The adaptive system "SpeedMill" automatically recognises the geometries of CAD models and reduces programming effort in Siemens NX CAM by up to 80%.

SpeedMill is an add-on adaptive software module for the Siemens NX CAM software and relieves programmers from simple routine work. Once the user has created the tool and work operation for a geometry, he saves the geometry and operation descriptions to a database – by just one click which produces an automatable template. When the programmer then loads the CAD model for a new tool, the program analyses the geometries and automatically loads the appropriate template – provided a similar processing geometry already exists.

For NX CAM, SpeedMill represents a further evolutionary step towards automating NC programming. “Many users want to achieve the rapid, efficient repetition of programs they have already written without having to spend time on adaptation and programming work,” explains Werner Karp, CEO of JANUS Engineering AG. “You can reduce this effort to a minimum and so achieve a high return on investment for your CAM system.”


Time savings of up to 80 per cent prepare companies for Industry 4.0

SpeedMill is an adaptive software which gradually becomes faster with each new application. “By automating their NC programming, companies can achieve time savings of up to 80 per cent.” says Karp. “This especially benefits companies which are forced to produce a larger number of workpieces in small batches in the age of Industry 4.0. SpeedMill helps them increase efficiency, reduce costs and secure a competitive edge.”

“Thanks to its intuitive handling, no training workshops are needed,” says Karp. “The software also makes additional programming for control mechanisms redundant. This means the software can be rapidly integrated in everyday work routines.”


SpeedMill assures constant product quality

SpeedMill also supports companies to achieve constant product quality. “In many companies, several CAM programmers work in parallel. They often use different programming styles which all result in good results but different,” says Karp. With SpeedMill, the company can grant an experienced CAM programmer write access rights to the templates to which all the other programmers have access. “This ensures constant product quality."

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