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What's new in NX CAM Release December 2020?

NX’s new release is packed with new operations and powerful enhancements for CNC programming, additive manufacturing, CMM inspection programming, and manufacturing data management.

We took a closer look at the innovations in NX CAM December 2020 Release for you.

Planar Deburring

Planar Deburring helps you to automatically recognize parts’ edges (modeled or unmodeled) and to create optimized toolpaths to machine the required chamfer size. You can also specify a size range for holes to be skipped for more precise control of the toolpaths. Additionally, Planar Deburring tracks already chamfered corners, eliminating re-cutting and enabling efficient 3+2 machining.

Adaptive Milling

Adaptive Milling

NX CAM’s high-speed roughing cut pattern, is now available in Planar Mill operation that’s used for programming prismatic parts.

MCS and blank geometry

MCS and blank geometry

The positioning of the MCS can now be easily defined graphically on the blank in the new NX version. In addition, the blank creation has been revised so that a bounding block and cylinder can now be created as a solid or as an component.


Turning news NX CAM

There are two new types of turning operations, Rough_Turn_Smooth and Rough_Turn_Multi_Channel.

Rough_Turn_Smooth is a roughing operation with smooth circular in and out movements. This type of operation provides a uniform tangential force, giving you faster machining and longer tool life.

Rough_Turn_Multi_Channel becomes visible after a multi-channel machine is loaded. The operation type activates the fully automatic generation and synchronization of multi-channel toolpaths and enables simultaneous machining by two opposing cutting tools.

NX for Manufacturing (December 2020) – quick overview

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