New NX CAM Release - 5 new features you should know about!

Siemens Digital Industries Software has recently released the latest update of their powerful CAM software. Some new features have been added and existing functionalities have been extended and improved. Find out which new features you should know about in the following.

1. Automated Holder Creation.

NX CAM Holder Creation

Tool vendors usually provide 3D models of their tool holders. However, these 3D models can’t be used directly for NC programming in conventional CAM systems. The programmer must manually enter the toolholder parameters, such as the diameters and lengths of the toolholder sections. This manual process can be time-consuming and error-prone.

The new toolholder creation feature automatically recognizes the features and associated dimensions of 3D holder solid models provided by manufacturers. It automatically populates the step parameters in NX, speeding up NC programming and enabling accurate machining simulation for error-free production. You can also export the holder (along with its parameters) to the tool library for later reuse. Automatic holder creation helps you accelerate NC programming of collision-free toolpaths

2. Multi-axis deburring (3, 4 or 5-axis) simplifies the deburring process with full radius and ball tools.

NX CAM Deburring

Multi-axis milling capabilities have been added to the automated deburring process in NX CAM, simplifying deburring with full radius and ball tools. NX automatically detects the edges of parts of any complexity and then creates multi-axis operations to machine the specified chamfer size.

Advanced controls help you define the cutting pattern, tool axis and tool movements, resulting in smooth and optimized machining operations.

3. 4-Axis roughing of Turning parts with full radius cutter and end mills

NX CAM Rotary Roughing

The new rotary part roughing operation streamlines the complex process of programming cylindrical parts. With minimal input (part and stock geometry), NX identifies the machining material and generates optimized 4-axis milling operations with full radius cutters and cylindrical end mills.

4. 5-axis Guiding Curves available with Wall Stock

NX CAM Wall Stock

Finishing operations with 5-axis guide curves with wall inspection geometries support the creation of toolpaths avoiding adjacent walls. It provides more control to avoid previously machined walls and prevent the tool from contacting the finished surfaces or avoid uncut walls to prevent the tool from embedding into the stock.

5. Innovative Machining Methodology Prime Turning™.

NX CAM Prime Turning

PrimeTurning™ is an innovative machining method. Siemens Digital Industries Softwar hast partnered with Sandvik Coromant to implement PrimeTurning in NX. This cutting methodology which uses high-performance CoroTurn Prime inserts enables higher performance machining.

With PrimeTurning, the tool enters the workpiece at the chuck and removes material as it moves toward the end of the part away from the chuck. This allows the use of a small entry angle and more aggressive cutting parameters. In addition, you can use the CoroTurn Prime inserts for conventional turning - from the end of the part toward the chuck.

Of course, these are only five of the new features in NX CAM. Learn more about the new functions and changes in the NX Release June 2021 by reading this Siemens Blog Post.

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