• NX CAM Release 2206: Thread Turn

NX CAM Release 2206

What's new in June 2022?

Siemens has released a new NX CAM Release (NX 2206) in June 2022. We summarize the most important new functions for you in this article.

General enhancements

Gouge and collision checking
Gouge and tool checks are now combined in one area. Using the Check Toolpath dialog box, collision checks can now be performed for in-process workpieces (IPW) and holders.


NX CAM Release 2206: Gouge and collision checking

Prediction of operation settings
A new Prediction node in the operation dialog box displays the parameters that were previously used in this operation. When an operation is edited for the first time, a warning is displayed indicating that parameter prediction is not available. NX stores behavior information for each user so that your prediction parameters are up to date. The more you use NX, the more it learns from your decisions to provide more accurate predictions.

NX CAM Release 2206 - Prediction


Drilling and Milling

Tool trace for tool path simulation
Display Tool Trace allows you to view smaller, clearer sections of the tool path during simulation of milling and turning operations. In previous versions of NX, Display tool trace was only available if you used Machine Code Based Simulation or External Program Simulation.



New Thread Turn operation subtype
Using the new Thread Turn operation subtype, you can create straight or tapered threads by selecting the part geometry. NX accesses the feature information from the model and imports the parameters required to cut the threads.

NX CAM Release 2206 - Thread Turn

U-Axis Turning support
This new feature enables the use of multiple turning spindle axis for U-axis turning in NX CAM. This prevents the part from rotating during simulation when the tool is mounted in a device that is classified as a facing head.

NX CAM Release 2206 U-Axis Turning Support1
NX CAM Release 2206 U-Axis Turning Support2

Reversed Spindle Direction
You can now change the spindle direction during programming without having to adjust the postprocessor.

NX CAM Release - Reversed Spindle Direction1
NX CAM Release - Reversed Spindle Direction2



Reuse of NC-Codes
The generated NC code can now be stored in the operations and reused for repeated simulation runs.

NX CAM Release 2206 - Reuse of NC-Codes

New features and resources have been added to the cloud-based solution for post-processing. The license filter can now be used to quickly view available Smart Machine Kit Solutions (SMKS). Additional support features, such as training manuals for the post configurator, are also provided.

NX CAM Release 2206 - Post-Hub

NX CMM Inspection Programming

On Machine Probing
The new On Machine Probing module in NX enables programmers to easily define probing cycles on machine tools.​ You can create, simplify, and execute machine cycles all in one operation, while automatically recognizing the features on the 3D part.

Read more about the new features here.

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