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NX QuickTip - Where do I find NX tools like the PDTM (PMI Dimension and Tolerance Modeler)?

Where do I find the NX tools like the PDTM (PMI Dimension and Tolerance Modeler)?
A question that reaches us quite often. In this NX Tutorials we will explain you where to find the PDTM and other helpful NX tools.

What are the NX Tools?
The NX Tools are helpful applications within NX that help you in your daily work. The PDTM is one of these NX Tools.

What is the PMI Dimension and Tolerance Modeler (PDTM)?
The PDTM is a so-called mid-tolerance wizard that displays tolerance deviations on a 3D model. The basis is PMI dimensions with or without tolerance information. All these PMI are displayed in a dialog box.

Where can I find the NX Tools and the PDTM?
The NX Tools are not part of the standard NX installation and have to be installed separately. The installation file can be downloaded free of charge from the SIEMENS Support Portal for each NX release. In our Tutorial we show you the two essential steps for the installation. Detailed and further information about the installation process can be found in the NX Tools install-directory within the subfolder "help". You also will find the administrative guide as PDF inside this folder. After the NX Tools are installed, the PDTM is located within the NX Tools. With the part loaded, it will open.

How and for what do I use the PDTM?
This will be the topic of our next QuickTip in April. Stay tuned.

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