• What's new in NX CAM

What's new in NX CAM Release December 2021?

The new NX CAM release has exciting new features. We take a look with you at the new operations, features and powerful enhancements for CAM programming.

New NC programming capability

NX CAM new NC programming capability

NX CAM can now predict and suggest the next programming step based on the current machining application and your workflow patterns.


New Z-level Undercut machining method

NX CAM Z-level Undercut machining method

The new Z-level Undercut machining method requires minimum input to program hard-to-reach, undercut part regions. In just a few clicks, you can now create high-quality collision-free toolpaths using T-cutter, spherical or barrel tools.


Flow Milling operation

NX CAM Flow Milling operation

The Flow Milling operation has replaced the Flow Cut operation for a new, advanced rest machining operation. The legacy Flow Cut operations, such as Single, Multiple and Ref Tool Flow Cut, can be automatically migrated to the new Flow Milling, enabling you to immediately leverage the benefits of this new advanced operation. The new, robust operation improves toolpath’s reliability and consistency, enabling precise toolpaths to remove the uncut material.

With the improved arc fitting, cut area consistency and better uncut material finding in the Flow Milling operation, you can now create accurate and optimized toolpaths for shallow features and sharp corners, which is usually challenging to program using traditional methods.


Enhanced Planar Deburring operation

NX CAM Planar Deburring operation

The Planar Deburring operation now allows you to specify the edges that you want to skip when deburring. This is useful when edges on the CAD part model have different chamfer angles.


3-axis Guiding Curves enhancement

NX CAM 3-axis Guiding Curves enhancement

The 3-axis Guiding Curves finishing operations now supports bull nose tools to improve part quality and minimize benchwork.


Enhanced Operation Navigator

NX CAM Enhanced Operation Navigator

The enhanced Operation Navigator framework provides more flexibility and ease of use. For example, the four views "Program", "Tools", "Geometry", "Method", as well as "Add Program View" and "Remove Program View" are now integrated in the Navigator.


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