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NX CAM QuickTip - Tilting your tool with Siemens NX

If you were present at the Hermle open house 2022 this year you may have seen our spartan helmet demonstration.

Of course, there were some challenges when creating that part.  We had to use a very long tool to enter a deep geometry in the helmet area. In doing so, we had to be very careful not to collide.

5-Achsen Fräsmaschine Kollision

How to proceed with this? We show you step by step in this tutorial how tilting and adding an approach path with Siemens NX CAM looks like!

Take a look at how we proceed and how the toolpath check and the machine simulation proceed after the work is done.  

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Key steps summed up for you:

NX CAM Tutorial Step 1

1. We used start and end events in NX CAM. 

Therefore right click on the operation, go to object, then add a start event.  

Using these start events, we can provide additional conditions to the Postprocessor (PP) so that the PP knows how the NC text should behave before the operation.

The start event we use is called "Goto".

NX CAM Tutorial Step 2

2. After confirming with a double click, a small dialog appears. Points as well as tool axis can be defined in this dialog.

NX CAM Tutorial Step 3

3. First, go to the point dialog and specify the point of the tool's initial position.

However, not exactly that point. Add an offset to it!  In our case with the helmet, in the rectangular area in Z-direction and Y-direction.

NX CAM Tutorial Step 4

4. Confirm with OK and enter the tool axis information. 

5. You have now defined the first point. Depending on the use case, you may need several points to define the behavior. 

In the case of our Spartan helmet, we added a second point in the same way so that the tool axis interpolates upwards and then starts the operation.

NX CAM Tutorial last Step

6. Finally, the end events to define how the operation should behave after processing. This works in the same way as for the start events

Where else can this approach be used?

You can use this approach in Siemens NX CAM, for example, for bypassing interfering geometries.

Where else can this approach be used?
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