• SpeedWire


The module for simplified and automated wire EDM

NX has an integrated module for wire EDM. In everyday operation, technological information on the wire EDM process is required, which also needs to be specific to the machine and application-based. JANUS has developed NX SpeedWire as an additional module in order to best meet these requirements, as well as to simplify and automate programming.

Use the advantages

  • Direct and associative machining of 3D CAD models
  • Quick and simple programming
  • Integrated technology database
  • Template technology for even greater simplification and optimisation

More about the module

You can achieve fast and almost fully automated wire EDM by using SpeedWire, which attaches onto the NX CAM wire EDM module and derives the wire EDM machining directly from the existing 3D model. By integrating the technology data of the respective wire EDM machine, only those functions that are necessary to get full wire EDM machining are provided.
Thanks to an advanced template technique, processes can be optimised, standardised and continuously developed.

SpeedWire represents an ideal complement to the wire EDM module. The software is based on the standard functions of the system. As a WEDM assistant, it expands the functionality of the system to include the option to perform function-related geometry modifications. For example, it is possible to automatically detect/create pilot holes, add slug controls and determine start points.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Automatic recognition of geometry to be machined
  • Automatic recognition of predefined machining sequences
  • Technologies to allocate what is detected and set rule-based operational parameters
  • All operations and technology allocations are generated as standard elements in NX CAM
  • For 2 to 5 axes
  • Post-processors for all common wire EDM machines

Benefit from JANUS expertise

SpeedWire is intelligent software specially developed by JANUS for automating your NC programming. We are not just the developers, we are also a competent partner. Simplify your processes and benefit from the cumulative experience of the JANUS team of experts.

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