• Shop Floor Integrate Resource Management

Shop Floor Integrate Resource Management

Continuous tool cycle from purchasing to spindle

In the development, design and simulation of factory operations with the aid of PLM solutions (Product Lifecycle Management), an efficient transition from the virtual factory to the real world is crucial. With Shop Floor Integrate Resource Management we provide an integrated solution for the tool cycle – from tool pre-setting to loading and unloading the machine.


  • Identification of potential cost savings
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Closed cycle for resource management from purchasing to manufacture
  • Central information platform

More about the module

Thanks to mutual integration between PLM and processes at the manufacturing level, SFIRM helps you eliminate problems with the transition from the virtual to the real world. It enables tool balancing whilst taking into account the tools physically available in the machine tool depots. The remaining tool life is used as a key parameter for working out the discrepancy list. A discrepancy list is generated, including the missing resources. Missing tools can then be measured via the tool pre-setting process, and finally all of the tool data is transferred directly to the machines selected for production.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Management of tool components and complete tools in the machine depot and warehouse
  • Combination of the virtual resources with real instances using the tool service lives
  • Tool balancing for one-off or series production
  • Interface to the TC MRL
  • Interface to the tool pre-setting devices

Benefit from JANUS expertise

Our experience of the entire NX CAD/CAM process in the managed Teamcenter and MRL context make us the ideal partner for SFIRM.

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