Technology Manager


With the JANUS Technology Manager we are focusing on making tool management in NX CAM as simple and efficient as possible. After all, a good NC programming is based on good tool management. And with the JANUS Technology Manager you have all important information, data and parameters for your tools available anytime and anywhere.

In addition to a modern design, the JANUS Technology Manager offers a number of functions and an intuitive handling, that makes it even easier and faster to create, view, adjust and search for tools.

Innovative user interface

The use of the JANUS Technology Manager occurs intuitively and the modern tool view facilitates the creation, search and checking of tools for the user.

Manage and Create

The JANUS Technology Manager makes it easy to manage, create and adapt tools. The tool parameters can be easily created and modified directly in the visiualisation.

Thanks to the well-structured viewer, everyone can display all-important information graphically in shortest time.

This allows questions to be answered, such as

"What components have to be used?"

"How does the component look like?"

NX CAM Integration

With the JANUS Technology Manager you receive a central technology and tool management system directly connected to NX.

Multiple Databases

The JANUS Technology Manager uses a web service as the basis for tool and technology management. This opens up the possibility of accessing to other data sources (Cimsource/ToolsUnited, Coscom/ToolDirector, Teamcenter/MRL and others) besides using the standard data structures of NX (ASCII).


We would be happy to show you our Technology Manager in a personal demonstration.

Benefit from JANUS expertise

The Technology Manager is a universal tool developed by JANUS to make managing your technology easier. In contrast to other systems, we focus on the most important functions for the NC programmer for tool and technology management. In this way, we achieve a tool database that is easy to use.

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