The comprehensive CAM solution from SIEMENS Digital Industries Software

With NX CAM you get a comprehensive software solution for your entire production. The software boasts a wide range of functions and user-friendly application. Supplemented by the possibility of automation, NX is the key to integrated manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0.

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NX for manufacturing

Impeller NX CAM

NX provides a complete set of NC programming capabilities in a single CAM system as well as an integrated set of manufacturing software applications. These applications facilitate part modeling, tool design and inspection programming – all based on proven NX technology

Your advantages with NX CAM

  • Time and cost savings thanks to the system's learning ability and reuse of processes
  • Simple profile machining to multi-axis machining, programming of mill-turn machines, special cycles and manufacturer-specific machine configurations
  • Excellent transparency and integration of expanded PLM sub-processes
  • Programming of highly-complex NC machines with a well-engineered post-processor system and integrated G-code machine simulation

An insight into the software and the way it works

Siemens NX provides complete CAM software solutions for programming machine tools, for post-processing and for machining simulation. The wide range of functions  of NX CAM enable numerous tasks to be carried out. The system is designed for tasks from simple NC programming, to high-speed, multi-axis processing. Thanks to its flexibility, even complex work can be carried out very easily.

Overview of the NX CAM modules and functions

  • Drilling
  • 2.5-axis milling
  • 3-axis milling
  • Grinding
  • Die-sinking EDM
  • Turning
  • Wire EDM
  • 5-axis milling, positioning and simulation processing
  • Single and multi-channel mill-turn machines
  • Cycle programming
  • Measurement in the NC programming process
  • Special configurations (e.g. angle heads, flat milling head, dividing heads)
  • Comprehensive post-processor system
  • True G-code machine simulation (including input from external programmes)

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Benefit from JANUS expertise

Take advantage of this wide variety of functions and the automation capabilities using the expertise of a highly experienced, certified system partner of SIEMENS.

Optimisation and automation of the processes using this leading technology can only succeed through trusting, close collaboration between the customer and the system provider. Test out the high aspirations we have for this type of collaboration.

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