• Siemens Motion Control

Siemens Motion Control

Siemens Motion Control is the perfect interface between digital and real manufacturing environment. If you are looking to streamline your machine control, then look no further. Siemens Motion Control products will recognize real machining data, like power peaks in milliseconds and can use this data to instantly trigger reactions. This is called real time data processing and enables you to tweak and optimize your NC program lightning fast to get the best results possible.

But Motion Control Solutions aren’t constrained to only NC code. They also can optimize tool management and lifespan as well as operating times and much more. Downtimes for example can automatically be adjusted by factoring in real time drive data and tweaking them to fit your load case perfectly.

All of these findings from manufacturing can easily be fed back into your cam system, which will optimize and streamline your process according to your needs.


  • Full Performance
    You can implement a technically and economically optimized motion control solution for each task – and you can add more modules as needed. Automatic data-matching prevents configuration and input errors between the components.
  • Easy Engineering
    The Motion Control System from Siemens doesn’t require expert knowledge. The system is easy to learn, which reduces engineering time and costs, and it supports you with automatic diagnosis and error messages. This significantly shortens your commissioning time.
  • Full Future Viability
    The Motion Control System from Siemens delivers maximum performance today and is well-equipped for the future. New technologies and ongoing developments will be integrated and will support new business models like pay-per-use.
  • Easy Safety
    Safety for humans, machines, and the environment can be expertly provided in your factory. With its integrated safety functions, the Motion Control System maximizes plant availability and productivity. It can also be flexibly expanded, reduces wiring complexity, and saves space in the control cabinet.

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