• Opticam: Software for Wire EDM

Opticam: Software for Wire EDM

The add-on for Wire EDM in Siemens NX CAM

Opticam is an easy-to-use Wire EDM software that is fully integrated into Siemens NX and significantly simplifies the creation of NC programs in the Wire EDM machining. Due to the automatic feature recognition, the integrated machining strategies and the broad technology databases, all work steps are automated to the greatest possible extent and the programming time is reduced enormously. Opticam in Siemens NX thus enables highly efficient and safe operation of Wire EDM machines.

Use the advantages

  • High degree of automation
  • Maximum time savings in NC program creation
  • Machining-relevant information quickly available

  • Bundled know-how through technology databases

  • Working in familiar NX environment
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Continuous development of all functions, technologies and post-processors of the machine manufacturers

More about the software

Opticam is an add-on to Wire EDM that creates NC programs almost fully automatically while still offering intervention points for detailed machining and flexibility.

Automatic Feature Recognition within Opticam

Programming is done directly on the 3D model created or imported into NX.

Automatic feature recognition is used to analyze the parts and detect geometries to be wire cut. Opticam has all the relevant machining strategies for Wire EDM. In addition to many already existing strategies, user-defined machining strategies can also be saved as templates.

Thanks to the technology databases of all common machine manufacturers, the user benefits from their proven know-how. The databases are continuously developed and adapted to the latest functions and technologies of Wire EDM machines. Additional modifications of the cuts are possible at any time. The post-processors for Wire EDM are also constantly updated and further developed in cooperation with the machine manufacturers.

Due to the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the software, an NC program can be created with little effort after only a short training period. All this is done in the familiar Siemens NX environment.

Thanks to these functionalities, Opticam enables a very high degree of automation with short programming times. Even with complex components, the NC program is created with just a few clicks and within seconds.

Maximum time savings with Opticam

Modules and functions

  • Automatic recognition of geometry to be machined
  • Automatic recognition of predefined machining sequences
  • Technologies to allocate what is detected and set rule-based operational parameters
  • All operations and technology allocations are generated as standard elements in NX CAM
  • For 2 to 5 axes
  • Post-processors for all common Wire EDM machines

Benefit from JANUS expertise

Opticam is a software for Wire EDM that creates NC programs almost fully automatically while still offering intervention points for detailed machining and flexibility. Simplify your processes and benefit from the cumulative experience of the JANUS team of experts.

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