A keyboard designed for CAD professionals that adapts to your needs

Specialists need equipment designed for and by specialists.


Specialists need equipment designed for and by specialists.

That's why for many months we have been partners with 3Dconnexion, a major player in office automation equipment for CAD professionals.
3Dconnexion designs powerful, ergonomic, research-based equipment and intelligent, easy-to-use software that work together seamlessly and smoothly to make working in the world's most popular CAD applications and 3D environments fast, comfortable and fun.
SpaceMouse®, CadMouse and Keyboard Pro with Numpad offer CAD and design professionals a great way to interact with the digital world and make it a comfortable and efficient experience.



An unexpected innovation: Keyboard Pro with Numpad.

Le clavier Keyboard Pro with Numpad est le dernier produit de 3Dconnexion.

Imaginé avec la volonté de rendre le poste de travail des experts en CAO plus personnalisable et confortable, le keyboard Pro With Numpad va aussi permettre d’améliorer leur posture et d’obtenir un flux de travail transparent. Le tout, entraînant naturellement de meilleures performances.


3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Highest adaptability to your Workflow

The new Keyboard Pro With Numpad features 12 programmable keys, which automatically recognize the applications in use and then provide access to application-specific commands, saving time and keeping the user focused. The keyboard & its customizable and intelligent keys adapt to the most used CAD and 3D software of the market, so it is 100% compatible with Siemens NX ! But that's not all, desktop applications such as MS Office or web browsers are also supported !

3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Comfort and workflow otpimized

The keyboard and keypad have been dissociated to allow the user to customize the workspace to their preference. The wireless keypad will naturally position itself under your hand and allow for better positioning of a mouse or pen, resulting in a more natural posture.
Working with conventional keyboards that have an integrated number pad results in painful shoulder rotation, as their width requires the mouse to be positioned too far to the right. Research has shown that less shoulder rotation, combined with the use of a narrow keyboard, causes less muscle tension.
During frequent number entry operations, CadMouse and Keyboard Pro With Numpad can be used simultaneously without continuously moving the hand between the mouse and keyboard. This makes the workflow faster and easier.

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1. With standard keyboards, the user is forced to constantly switch from one to the other.
2. The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad allows for simultaneous use of the numeric keypad and mouse.

Simple and precise typing

Both the keyboard and the programmable wireless keypad feature ergonomic concave keys that conform to the shape of your fingers. The coated matte surface and rounded edges provide a comfortable, precise feel. The advanced scissor mechanism technology provides extreme reliability and stability of the keys. The full-width keyboard with palm rest has an exceptionally slim design and allows for a flat position on the desk for smooth, unrestricted typing.

Encrypted wireless connectivity between the keyboard and keypad and up to five other wireless 3Dconnexion devices (e.g. SpaceMouse and CadMouse) allow users to maintain a clutter-free desktop and a secure connection.

Global solution for a professional desktop


3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad

The 3Dconnexion desktop solution offers a wide range of SpaceMouse and CadMouse products to complement your setup with the Keyboard pro With Numpad. The combination of these advanced devices offers a fully integrated working experience in CAD and design environments with the unique 3DxWare® driver and advanced features without complicated configuration.

Pricing and Availability 

Since October 2021, the Keyboard Pro With Numpad is available from JANUS Engineering France, at a price of 150€ HT by ordering online via the 3Dconnexion X JANUS Engineering page, or directly from a member of our sales team.

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