• Company history

Company history

An overview of our development

Foundation of JANUS Computer Graphics GmbH
Foundation of JANUS Engineering Germany
Foundation of JANUS Engineering Switzerland
Foundation of JANUS Engineering France
Foundation of JANUS Engineering Austria
Sales partnerships with Celeritive for VoluMill and VoluTurn
JANUS Engineering Germany becomes Foundation and development partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software
JANUS Engineering Switzerland becomes Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software
JANUS Engineering Germany becomes Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software
Foundation of JANUS Engineering USA
Foundation of JANUS Engineering Hungary

Today JANUS Engineering is an international company with six sites. As partner we support manufacturing companies in the integration, optimisation, individualisation and training for Siemens NX PLM solutions.

We would like to take you on a journey into the past with us and go back to the start. In a way it all started with the fascination of four young men.

How it all began

It was in the 1980s when a few men, including Werner Karp, enthusiastically pursued the latest technological development. The first widely usable graphic computers appeared on the market. A big grey box to many, but to the men an innovation that opened up new avenues and opportunities. They were aware that computers would quickly take over, particularly in companies, and who would keep using slides in the short or long term, when they could use computer graphics? From their deliberations they developed a business model and founded JANUS Computer Graphics GmbH.

Of course, technological development did not stop and more and more new innovations and companies emerged at the start of the 1990s and changed the shape of the market. It was then necessary to plan the next steps in order to not be left behind. Then came the ingenious idea: Why not call upon existing knowledge and use it to expand the business model? This is where the idea was born to provide services for the emerging CAD/CAM market. Werner Karp contributed his experience from twelve years in the CAD/CAM environment of UNIGRAPHICS in order to develop this line of business. Within only a short period of time service projects had been successfully completed for UNIGRAPHICS in Germany, USA and Japan.

The foundation of JANUS Engineering and its sites

What started as an additional service of JANUS Computer Graphics GmbH quickly developed into a separate business model. The demand for the services and specialisation in the CAD/CAM area was huge. In order to fulfil this need, in 1996  JANUS Engineering GmbH was founded as a spin-off company. Werner Karp was also able to rely on the support of Dr. Jens Wallner. Together they founded JANUS Engineering GmbH, specialising in services for UNIGRAPHICS and IMAN (predecessors of Teamcenter). Later, Dr. Jens Wallner decided to go his own way and concentrate on services relating to Teamcenter, founding Dr. Wallner Engineering GmbH. From then on Werner Karp continued to lead JANUS Engineering GmbH alone and turned it into a specialist for all UNIGRAPHICS CAM-focused application solutions.

The CAD/CAM market boomed in Europe and with every order it became clearer that the necessity for local services was becoming ever more demanding. Along with Bernhard Maurer, JANUS responded to this development and founded JANUS Engineering GmbH Switzerland in 1998. The foundation was so successful that JANUS Engineering Switzerland became the sole service partner of UGS (successor company of McAuto) for all UNIGRAPHICS CAM activities in Switzerland and parts of Austria.

But with Switzerland, the opening up of new markets was still far from complete. With Franck Paris, in 2001 JANUS Engineering France was brought into being. This became the starting point for services in the UNIGRAPHICS CAM area and post-processors for the French and Scandinavian market.

Seven years later the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) was completed with JANUS Engineering Austria. Together with Heinrich Schauer in 2008 it succeeded in increasingly providing the Austrian market with products and services for NX and Teamcenter, with a focus on the CAM area.

In 2019 JANUS Engineering USA and Hungary were founded together with Máté Rangics. With our six company locations we are able to fulfil the requirements of customers around the world and provide services locally.

Customer satisfaction through partnerships

Internally we have combined our knowledge and skills, but we are not all-rounders. With our customers, their wishes and requirements for a complete solution in mind, we have developed a network of partners over the years. In 2009 JANUS Engineering Germany became a sales partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software, in order to provide our customers not only with services and additional products, but also the basic technology for complete solutions.

However, JANUS does not just use the leading technology from Siemens as the basis for optimisation and automation of the customer process, but also helps to develop it. In 2014 JANUS Engineering Germany became Foundation and Development Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software for the new post-processor system, PostConfigurator.

In 2017 JANUS Engineering Switzerland, which had always been the only CAM service provider for Siemens in Switzerland, was able to celebrate its official appointment as Specialised Partner for Manufacturing Solutions of Siemens. And 2018 JANUS Engineering Switzerland became Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software.
One year later, JANUS Engineering Germany also achieved Smart Expert Partner status.

But we do not only count Siemens among our partners: Since 2012 we have continued to expand our product portfolio, in order to bring the biggest possible benefits for our customers. With our sales partner for VoluMill from Celeritive, we have created an outstanding addition to NX CAM for the area of rough machining.

Together with our partners we can offer our customers a team of experts and create solutions for increased efficiency in the area of CAD / CAM / PLM, where others see limits to what is possible.