• CMM Inspection Execution

CMM Inspection Execution

Integrate and unify the CMM inspection execution with PLM tools!

Single-hand, web based solution for retrieving, executing and analysis of DMIS inspection jobs on Coordinate Measurement Machines.

Your advantage with Inspection Execution

  • Unify the execution of CMM programs, increase CMM utilization
  • Reduce time and cost of training shop floor personnel
  • Certified, brand independent evaluation algorithms
  • Automatic execution and analysis of CMM programs

Flexible, hardware independent environment

Although coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) might come with their own software to run inspection programs, Janus Engineering offers CMM Inspection Execution software to retrieve and execute inspection programs to drive CMMs brand independent. The program is automatically executed, inspection results, protocols are automatically generated and analyzed.

Web based solution

The user interface is a simple to use, customizable web application, where the operator can select, run and analyze the inspection with a streamlined workflow. The reports can be viewed and analyzed through the web to seamlessly share the information, increase speed and communication between shop floor operators, different departments eliminating ambiguity.

Common mathematical analysis

In case you have a multi-brand CMM environment, each of the software is using its own mathematical algorithms to analyze raw CMM date, and inspection of a part on different machine can lead to different results. CMM Inspection Execution is addressing this issue by using the same execution and analysis algorithms on any CMM, what enables a consistent reporting from format and results perspective as well.

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