• NX Continuous Release

NX Continuous Release

With this deployment model, NX customers will be able to access new improvements more quickly while reducing the effort required to implement NX. This makes Siemens the first major CAD / CAM / CAE software provider to publish product updates in this way.

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Benefit promptly from innovations

Siemens Digital Industries Software is the first major vendor of CAD/CAM/CAE software to provide its products with continuous versioning. The main change for you as a customer are the monthly update releases, which are made available to you within a single release series. Bugs are therefore no longer fixed in different releases, just in the latest update and even smaller extensions are integrated promptly, which raises the quality to a new level. Significant enhancements that may affect the schema and compatibility are expected approximately every six months. Whether and when you roll out updates in your company, if you automate the updates or if you want to use different versions on the same hardware remains your decision.

Your advantages of NX Continuous Release

NX Continuous Release
  • Faster access to enhancements and fixes allows you to work more productively
  • The defined update schedule allows you to better plan the introduction of new technologies
  • Consistently high release quality
  • Reduced deployment costs for incremental updates
  • Increased ability to respond to new technology trends and ideas puts you one step ahead of the competition
  • Decoupling the NX upgrade from the Teamcenter upgrade: Starting with TC 11.4, no Teamcenter upgrade is required when upgrading from NX to a suitable Teamcenter version
  • Implementation of agile methods of software development
  • Delivery of tools for the adoption of customer-specific adaptations
  • Only 1 active main channel to be supported in Continuous Releases
  • Functional enhancement releases every ~6 months (New functionality, enhancements, fixes)
  • Update releases every month (fixes)
  • For every released NX version there is a validation possibility for customers via a so called EAP (Early Version Program) similar to a beta test
  • Early reports, NXOpen API freeze and Pre-Release can be accessed around Beta and EAP time frame
  • Removed focus from versioning, each new release is purely “NX”

Automatic Update Workflow

  • Clients that are active and on main channel will receive automatic updates (MSI Full Install Only)
  • Ability to enable/disable notification and automatic updates
  • Visual indicator to notify user
  • Authentication mechanism using web-key when user actually clicks on notification UI to download the available update
  • Parallel processes that will run along with NX session to validate and inform user when NX update is posted and is available for download and install
  • Option to receive notifications only but manual updates

Note: Automatic update is not mandatory, customers can still continue with their traditional process of manually downloading & installing NX using GTAC.

NX Continuous Release Dissemination strategy

What is changing?

  • Major functional enhancement releases target every ~6 months with update releases each month
  • Incorporate agile development principles
  • Deliver tools to help with customization upgrades
  • Removed need to upgrade Teamcenter when upgrading NX
  • Enhanced internal auto-test framework to further improve quality
NX Continuous Release Cadence

Colour & Information

NX Continuous Release Index
NX Continuous Release Green

Green:  NX is up to date

Red:  An update is available but not yet downloaded;
An important update will be available soon

Blue: An update is currently being downloaded

Yellow: An update is downloaded but not yet installed

Grey: Update information is switched off;
NX was not installed with a .msi file;
NX version is not part of the main version series

It is freely definable whether automatic notification and updating is switched on or off.

Your advantage as a customer

  • Faster adaptation of new functions
  • Minimization of costs when rolling out the NX versions
  • Faster reactions to trends and innovative ideas
  • Increased efficiency through faster deployment of the new NX versions

What has to be considered with regard to JANUS software products and solutions?

The JANUS software products and solutions designed for NX, support the NX Continuous Release. Please note the respective "series" of the NX Continuous Release.

Example: A postprocessor is compatible within the NX 1872-series updates. The NX series is followed by the update versions 1876, 1880, 1884, 1888 and 1892, followed by the next NX 1899-series, which will probably require a new JANUS software patch or update.

Therefore please inform us in time about an update request. We will be happy to check compatibility for you during maintenance and provide you an update if necessary.

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