• NX FBM Feature-based Machining

NX FBM Feature-based Machining

With expertise and rules for reliable programming

Successful automation assumes that the rules of a process are known and can be implemented as procedures.

The NX FBM module allows you to establish rules according to the requirements of your process and to automate your processes and shorten process times as a result.

Your advantages

  • Reduction of resources through standardisation of the CAM process
  • Greater process quality thanks to defined rules
  • Reduction in process times thanks to an established process
  • Partial automation option
  • Option for further automation using PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)

An insight into the software module

Feature-based machining is based on the fact that the system can be taught rules. These rules are applied to various geometry elements that the system can identify, according to a predefined logic.

For example, a blind hole is recognised as a threaded hole with the additional information in the form of an attribute. The rules are then searched for the appropriate procedure to be applied: associated tools are selected, actions are compiled (pre-drilling, drilling, thread cutting, grasping) and applied to the geometry found – machining is complete.

These rules are defined, adapted and maintained by internal specialists.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Influencing factors can be individually defined
  • Highly functional editor for rule definition
  • Easy to implement via teach mode
  • Powerful feature recognition software
  • Direct access to integrated tool database
  • Can be expanded and further customised via API interface

Benefit from JANUS expertise

The success factor for automation is the analysis and standardisation of your processes. This means understanding the process with all its influencing factors and making it controllable with rules. You are the specialist for the rules, we provide the tools and knowledge to automate these rules.

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