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Aerospace and Defense

With innovative start-ups and companies, which are starting to re-establish themselves, fresh impetus is brought into the sector. New production possibilities with prototypes shorten development times significantly. Electrification is gaining ground in an increasing number of areas and opening up previously unimagined possibilities for transportation via the air, especially in urban regions. Zero-emission drives increased air quality in cities and the compactness of aircraft means even rural areas can be connected to a comprehensive transport network.

The aviation and aerospace sectors are developing cutting-edge technologies with remarkable performance goals. Innovation and security are driving forces. The demand for improved flight performance, production flexibility and reduced operating costs are generating challenges for the aviation and aerospace industry. These demands become even more complex due to global supply chains consisting of different suppliers and partners.

With an integrated system across the entire product lifecycle, the challenges of the market can be mastered. Manufacturing solutions are needed for the aviation and aerospace sector, which provide improved product quality, optimised production and manufacturing integration for fast, cost-effective product realisation. Our solution for the aviation and aerospace industry supports the entire lifecycle, from the initial concept to final delivery.

Vice-President, Research and Development, Pilatus:

The devisive question is: Do we want to design, or do we want to produce? The answer was clear: 'Produce with NX.'

The CAD/CAM importance in these fields

Computer-aided design (CAD) plays a crucial role in the manufacture of aeronautical components, enabling parts to be modeled and simulated with remarkable precision. This technology, integrated into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) processes, optimizes production by automating machine-tool programming steps, enabling greater efficiency in the production of aeronautical parts. In short, the integration of CAD into aerospace parts production, in conjunction with CAM, guarantees precise design and efficient manufacturing, meeting the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry

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