Siemens and JANUS Engineering: Strategic alliance for industry

Interview with Jean-Marie Saint-Paul - Determining collaboration for the digital transformation of industry

Jean-Marie Saint Paul, President of Siemens Digital Industries Software in France, Talks with JANUS Engineering about the Intelligent Digitization of Industry


[Saint-Malo, France, January 2024] - In the midst of a rapidly evolving industrial landscape, Jean-Marie Saint-Paul, President of Siemens Digital Industries Software in France, sheds light on the challenges and opportunities of digitization for the industry.

The in-depth interview with Mr. Saint-Paul highlights several major challenges facing the French industry, including the continuous improvement of efficiency, sustainability, innovation, and resilience in the face of a fluctuating market. Among these challenges, the need for a skilled workforce and the transmission of expertise become crucial.

Facing these challenges, the collaboration between Siemens and JANUS Engineering emerges as a strategic solution. This alliance combines Siemens' technological expertise with the proximity and personalized support of JANUS Engineering, enabling French companies, designers, and manufacturers of all sizes to navigate with agility in a complex industrial environment.

A striking example of this collaboration is the partnership with Latitude, a player in the French New Space, a startup based in Reims specializing in micro-launchers. Through the combination of Siemens' software solutions and the support of JANUS Engineering, Latitude illustrates how technology and local expertise can come together to transform an innovative idea into reality.

This initiative reflects the vision of Siemens and JANUS Engineering to build a collaborative and innovative ecosystem, where trust, proximity, and complementarity are at the heart of the digital transformation of the French industry.

About Siemens Digital Industries Software and JANUS Engineering

Siemens Digital Industries Software is a global leader in the field of industrial digitization. Siemens Digital Industries Software assists organizations of all sizes in achieving their digital transformation through software, hardware, and services from the Siemens Xcelerator Business platform. The software developed by Siemens and the concept of the digital twin enable businesses to optimize their design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to transform today's ideas into sustainable products for the future.
JANUS Engineering is a strategic partner, collaborating with companies and organizations to transform & improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation in the fields of design and manufacturing. With its on-the-ground expertise and the NX software solution from the Siemens Xcelerator platform, JANUS Engineering supports industrial players in their digital transformation journey by delivering innovative services and products tailored to the challenges of each industry sector.



Henri VAAST, Marketing & Communication Manager France



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