• Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

The demand for energy technology is increasing. In the present environment, in which a lack of resources and environmental issues determine the market, companies in the energy industry are being forced to develop innovative, reliable and lucrative products and services, in order to remain competitive. The energy industry is also being shaped by a growing market for integrated software and electronic components, from sensors for monitoring equipment performance to fully automatic systems. These days, traditional, mechanical features are increasingly being implemented using integrated electronics and software.

JANUS and Siemens Digital Industries Software offer an holistic approach, which combines mechanical, electronic software and simulation data to provide holistic lifecycle management.

Gerrit Mulder, Technical Manager Stork Turbo Blading BV:

Before NX, it took us an average of three days to create NC paths after a design modification. 
Thanks to the integration of NX this is now completed within half an hour.

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