• Variation Analysis

Variation Analysis

Ensure parts fit and work properly together – the first time

Variation Analysis (Tolerance Analysis) provides a highly flexible solution for defining optimal product and manufacturing strategies having a positive impact on total cost of quality. Leveraging product and manufacturing information (PMI) embedded in the CAD model also provides accuracy and efficiency for downstream processes, like CAM and CMM.

Your advantage with Variation Analysis

  • Identify critical to quality features and tolerances
  • Optimize and define tolerances for cost and quality
  • Quick root-cause and impact analysis
  • Automatic tolerance analysis by leveraging PMI
  • Reduce part manufacturing costs
  • Speed up time to market and prototyping

Product optimization – Avoid production problems during the design phase

Check and optimize your design: by using Variation Analysis as your primary tool for tolerance calculations, you can make sure that dimensions and tolerances will satisfy the design goals. Tolerance analysis carried out by the Variation Analysis software allows users to identify and correct problems rooted from dimensions and tolerances early during the design cycle, before production.

Calm decisions - Identification of critical to quality dimensions and tolerances

Variaton Analysis lists the most critical features, tolerances and assembly operations, what are key contributors for variation of product quality. Make decisions by forecasting manufacturing and assembly variation during design phase.

Control your costs – Tight or relax tolerances based on statistical tolerance calculation

Lower manufacturing costs by targeting the most important features and tolerances, relax the non-contributing ones. Controlling dimensional characteristics helps to minimize scrap, rework and warranty issues.

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