• CAD - Computer Aided Design


Computer Aided Design

Design in a Digital Age

Industry 4.0 and the associated increasing digitisation and networking have been presenting new challenges for manufacturing companies for years. Increasing customer requirements and the desire for customised products are also increasing the pressure on developers and designers.

From our point of view, in a digital age, Computer-Aided Design forms the basis for overcoming this complexity in a continuous development process. CAD forms the foundation for analytical calculations, the control of the development process and the information cells for the manufacturing processes. Establish your foundations and benefit from the capabilities of a CAD system.

Advantages of CAD systems

  • Better visualisation options for the end product, sub-assemblies and other components speed up the design process
  • Error reduction in the design process by means of targeted checking mechanisms
  • Problem-free reuse of design data and best practices
  • Simplified, more comprehensive documentation of the design, including geometries and measurements, parts lists, etc.
  • Reduced product development costs, increased productivity and a faster market launch


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