• PLM - Product Lifecycle Management


A product goes through many stages during its cycle, from the idea through to disposal/recycling. Information/data is needed, collected and utilised at all of these stages. And often to a very comprehensive extent. In order to ensure this information about a product's life cycle can be accessed by all parties involved at all times, you need a comprehensive PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system that optimally manages this information flow. It thus represents the core of a digital factory.

With a PLM system you can develop products faster and the quality of the processes involved is considerably higher due to the fact that information is more secure and up-to-date. Many unnecessary expenses/costs can be avoided and simplified and faster processes are created.

A key aspect here is the optimal integration of all systems involved within the information flow, so that you can focus your entrepreneurial thinking on your products and the optimisation/automation of your processes.


  • Information transparency
  • Optimisation of processes and workflows
  • Speed and quality improvements
  • Cost reductions
  • Exploitation of automation potential
  • Increase in competitiveness

In today's highly competitive, globalized environment, leading companies must develop and market products of outstanding quality. An enterprise-wide PLM system optimizes innovation by providing all the information needed to make the best decisions for producing quality products.

As a certified solution partner, JANUS Engineering supports manufacturing companies in the integration, optimisation, individualisation and training for Siemens NX PLM solutions. Where others see limits to what is possible, we create solutions for increased efficiency in manufacturing.

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