• EDM Setup Generator

EDM Setup Generator

Integration of die-sinking EDM machines into the NX CAD/CAM process

The NX EDM Setup Generator enables integrated processes thanks to the seamless transfer of your setup data to the EDM machine. Through consistent use of your existing information, you can expand the CAD/CAM process for your die-sinking EDM machines.

Your advantages

  • Use of the existing information from the tool assembly
  • High process reliability thanks to direct generation of electrode offset data and technology data
  • Quick response to design changes thanks to the integrated process
  • Automatic generation of accompanying documents
  • Can be used with or without NX EL Designer

An insight into the module

The basis for the NX EDM Setup Generator is an assembly in which the workpiece is a superior component and the electrodes are inferior components. The distance and alignment between the coordinate systems in these components determine the XYZ coordinates and the rotation (C axis) of the electrodes in relation to the workpiece. Additional information such as undersize, number of electrodes etc. can be assigned to the electrode components as part attributes. Similarly to the post-processors, after the user has selected the desired coordinate system, the data is transferred to a machine-specific format. Accompanying shop floor documents can be generated automatically.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Use of the distance and rotation of the electrodes in relation to the tool
  • Augmentation of technology data with attributes
  • Selective or complete discharge of the electrodes
  • Machine-specific formats (e.g. CSV) can be supported
  • Generation of accompanying documents

Benefit from JANUS expertise

The NX CAM processes of conventional machining methods such as milling, turning and wire cutting are a core competence of JANUS. We have used this knowledge, in addition to our experience with EL Designer, to integrate EDM into the CAD/CAM process for you. For JANUS it is also important to consistently integrate peripheral regions with good process reliability. We will support you in integrating, optimising and customising the NX ED Setup Generator.

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