• Process Optimisation and Automation

Process Optimisation & Automation


One of the most important reasons for introducing and using CAD/CAM technology is the optimisation and automation of development and manufacturing processes

As this optimisation and automation always also affects the company's specific processes and should not and cannot involve the synchronisation of all similar companies, individual adaptation/automation is always essential.

NX and Teamcenter are market-leading technologies for the implementation of these kinds of optimisations through to a high level of automation. Our detailed knowledge of these systems and experience in implementing these kinds of optimisation and automation projects means that you have found a partner that can provide optimal support.


The first step towards automation, which aims to make the customised process more efficient and the company more competitive, is standardisation within the process. This standardisation, which should never represent a generalisation of the customer's individual process, involves the technological reproduction of this special customer process with all its specific features influencing factors and conditions.

The individual subprocesses can then be optimised in a 2nd step, before the process is fully automated in a 3rd step.

Automatic NC programming with NX CAM

  •  Save time and prevent errors
  • 10x faster programming
  • Use of intelligent, production-optimised 3D models
  • High functionality, enormous flexibility
  • Proven implementation methodology

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