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PLM integration of all 3rd party systems

Nowadays, we deal with a heterogeneous system landscape in a CAM environment and in production in many companies. However, to realise a complete digital process chain, these systems must be integrated into the existing PLM solution and into the integrated equipment management system as well. That is the only way to ensure that everyone sees the same data and utilises the same resources. That also ensures that there will be no redundant data and that all data from construction, work preparation, NC programming and production correlate. This is the basis for an Industry 4.0 architecture.

An open integration level makes it possible to integrate external CAM systems, cell systems, tool pre-setting devices, MES solutions etc. For the actual implementation, several integration depths are available which can be coordinated and realised with or without the 3rd party provider


  • A central data platform along the process chain
  • Administration of data of the 3rd party system and integration into equipment management
  • Utilisation of schedules of application and workflows of PLM system
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Minimisation of organisational efforts
  • Prevention of data redundancies

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