• NX Mold Design

NX Mold Design

Automation of tool development

NX Mold Design is the ultra-modern software solution for the optimisation of the tool development process. From the component design, through tool construction, to the validation of the design and tools – the module simplifies all the stages of the process. Shortened lead times and a faster response to design modifications are just two of the possibilities it opens up.

Use the advantages of NX Mold Design

  • Increased productivity and quality
  • Validation and verification of tools and design
  • Accelerated mould construction process
  • Fewer tool design errors
  • Reduction in the CNC programming time

An insight into the module

With the module it is possible to automatically generate and optimise the mould core and cavity from the part model. The resulting components are inspected by means of a variety of verification functions for the continuing process, in order to detect and deal with errors from the start. By incorporating factory standards and standard structures as well as available libraries, you can design your mould structure according to your standards. The associativity between the part design and the mould construction becomes a matter of course with the NX software. The shortening of the modification process achieved in this way enables you to guarantee competitiveness in the market.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Data import of 3D models from other systems or NX
  • Creation of models and implementation of design modifications
  • Comprehensive mould base, standard parts, component systems and mould structures
  • Reuse of factory standards
  • Automated creation of parts lists, drawings, project data structures and NX tool paths
  • Inspection of a part for suitability for production using verification functions
  • Development of mould core and cavity
  • Automation of the design of tools

Benefit from JANUS expertise

With JANUS you not only get a system service provider, but also a competent partner. Together we will analyse your needs and define standards and precise solutions, in order to enable optimum integration into your system landscape and processes.

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