OMP - Measurement Cycles

Individual measuring functions for NX CAM

In manufacturing the aim is to get the best out of CNC machines and NC programming. To meet this requirement, NC programmers require a programming environment that is perfectly customised to their needs. This is where the module comes into play. It is a tool that can cost-effectively extend the NX CAM system with individual measuring functions.

Your advantages

  • Fully integrated into NC programming and programming logic
  • Easy to use thanks to cycle programming
  • Collision prevention thanks to true NC codes and cycle simulation
  • Quality assurance and automation
  • Learning system and service with application know-how

More about the module

The module is a tool that can cost-effectively extend the NX CAM system with individual measuring functions. Functions are provided or can be created very easily, ranging from simplifying and increasing efficiency of programming through to the greatest possible automation.

The standard capabilities of the NX CAM system are used to enable efficient system expansion at the user level with the TCL language. A UserCycle probing operation can be conveniently used via the templates, which means the same rules apply as for all other standard operations.

With this module it is not only possible to define a measuring cycle, but also to verify it in NX CAM and, where available, to simulate it using machine simulation. As a result, it is possible to verify the complete NC programme during NC programming.

Technical facts at a glance

  • These cycles are arranged such that the tasks can be individually adapted to the machines via the post-processors
  • Measurement prior to NC machining: measure the blank without prior alignment
  • Measurement during NC machining: control and respond to manufacturing errors during machining
  • Measurement after NC machining: target-actual comparison of the CAD geometry and workpiece
  • Documentation and reports

Benefit from JANUS expertise

As a partner we help you increase the efficiency of your production. With targeted post-processor adaptations, we can make the machine react to the measuring results obtained, and achieve standardisation of your programming process.

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