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NX Robotics

Use and benefits of robots in the manufacturing process

In a direct comparison with CNC machines, robots are flexible and affordable to purchase and maintain.  However, extensive use and the full benefit of this technology can only be achieved through the integration of the module with other programming and manufacturing processes. With NX CAM Robotics you get a complete robot programming module, which is seamlessly integrated with other programming modules within the CAD/CAM technology.

Your advantages

  • Reduced programming time
  • High process reliability as a result of simulation
  • Short cycle time for modifications or similar parts
  • Post-processors on the latest post configurator technology
  • No loss of information as a result of interfaces

An insight into the module

Over recent years the number of industrial robots used in mechanical manufacturing has grown disproportionately. They are flexible and affordable and offer the opportunity to machine even large parts. For this reason, robot systems are increasingly being used for some manufacturing processes and for the optimisation and automation of process stages. These include processes such as engraving, polishing and grinding, but also handling and in certain areas, milling. Nevertheless, these days programming is frequently carried out manually, which is often responsible for a high proportion of costs. With NX CAM Robotics, not only is the quality of the programmes better, but the programming time is also massively reduced.

NX CAM Robotics as an add-on module to NX CAM uses the same data model as an integrated solution. This means it is associative, has a narrow learning curve as a result of its consistent user interface and produces trustworthy, reliable data thanks to the tried-and-tested post configurator technology.

Technical facts at a glance

  • NX CAM add-on Module
  • Consistent user interface for CAD, CAM and NX CAM Robotics
  • Template based
  • Post configurator based post-processors for Kuka, ABB etc.
  • Can be managed entirely with Teamcenter

Benefit from JANUS expertise

With JANUS you get competent support for the efficient programming of your robots. The NX CAM processes in the conventional machining process in mechanical manufacturing are one of the core competences of JANUS. We use this knowledge, with the addition of our development partnership with Siemens regarding post configurator, in order to integrate robots into the CAD/CAM process to optimum effect.

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