• VoluMill


The NC module for highly-efficient rough milling at high chip volumes

VoluMill is an ultra-high-performance tool path generator for high-volume rough machining. The NC module enables you to shorten cycle times and extend the service life of your tool. No matter what milling strategy or what material, this roughing module achieves outstanding results.

Use the advantages of VoluMill

  • Up to 60 % time saving in production
  • 5 – 8-fold improvement in tool service life
  • Shorter, optimised tool paths
  • Reduction of the load on machine tools
  • Quick to learn, easy to use

An insight into the module

VoluMill is an easy-to-use software solution for high-volume rough milling, completely integrated into NX. The module works with just a single programmed tool path for the whole workpiece. Just a few mouse clicks and decisions are required. Using the predefined parameters, VoluMill automatically finds the most efficient machining cycles for the required workpiece. The module uses an alternative milling technology for the machining process. This is based on the use of the entire cutting length engaged.

A VoluMill tool path is arranged so that during the whole machining process a specific machining volume is not exceeded. The module works with optimised machining methods and an active chip thickness control, together with coordinated cutting parameters, which are patented, tried and tested. Uniform material removal takes place based on the central chip calculation carried out. The tool paths have a much higher proportion of cuts with a constant width than any other tool path technology for rough milling. This enables higher feed and rotation speeds, which leads to higher productivity.

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Technical facts at a glance

  • Layer-based high-speed rough machining with 3-axis tool path
  • Machining the discrepancy between the finished part and the blank, including machining residual material
  • Works with small overlaps with a high cutting load
  • Intelligent menus with plausibility checks at the point of input
  • Automatically recognises the shortest feed direction, across the component or the contour parallel
  • Technology database for optimum machining of all types of material

Benefit from JANUS expertise

JANUS Engineering is an official Master Reseller of VoluMill. We have the necessary experience in the workshop and in practice and are aware of the opportunities relating to the optimal use of the software in the NX CAM environment. Together we will analyse your needs, define precise solutions and support you during implementation and beyond.

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