• DNC - Distributed Numerical Control


Distributed Numerical Control

Safely manage production data and control processes

One of the things required by those looking to join the Age of Industry 4.0 is a platform which manages and controls the production data and information as well as processes regarding a component. That is the only way to prevent from data being unsafely distributed across computers and controls while employees must ensure that the correct data are being used.

When it comes to the integration, there are two levels. One is a database DNC solution ensuring that the production data generated in the CAM system are tamper-proof and available to the machine operator, loading NC programs and returning optimised programs. The second and more effective level is the direct integration into a PLM solution. A complete process chain from the idea to the finished product and back can only be realised with this level.

Advantages of a DNC system

  • Direct safe access to all released production data and information
  • No redundant data or data chaos in production
  • Returning optimised NC programs allows for a constant improvement process
  • Complete, safe, process-controlled process chain via PLM integration
  • Direct access to part information, such as drawings and 3D models
  • Shorter throughput times and prevention of rejects

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