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Resource Management

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Management of virtual and physical equipment

For many companies, the management of equipment, such as tools, clamping devices, measuring devices etc., represents a significant challenge. Not only is the management of equipment associated with a significant cost factor in production but the data and information are required in the virtual as well as in the physical world. The CAM system requires the attributes and the 3D models for the generation of tool paths and for the purposes of simulation. Production or tool default settings must know which tools are required for which operations, what their status is and where they are being stored. To this end, equipment management must cover both areas nowadays. It should be possible to load data from catalogue systems of the tool manufacturers or platforms, such as Tools United, and to manage the inventory including balancing the truly required tools.

For this purpose, we offer scalable solutions which enable simple and effective graphic tool management in the basic version while providing PLM-integrated equipment management at the next level. This can then be expanded with integrated physical tool management for storage locations and inventory as well as for balancing the net tool needs.


  • Scalable, replaceable tool and equipment management
  • Schedule of application, where was the equipment used
  • Warehouse management with min. stock and balancing of tooling need
  • Minimisation of tool inventory, reducing costs
  • All equipment accessible at the right place at the right time
  • Online integration of machines

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