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JANUS Hotline

CAD/CAM/PLM technology is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. All of this not only requires a system that can do "everything", it also requires support that makes it possible for users to draw the greatest possible benefits from its use. This includes a Hotline, which has been specifically established to provide assistance for urgent questions. As is also the case for the training, our Hotline is staffed by developers and consultants whose practical experience is available for practical application.

Support Information

To ensure that we can respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible, please follow these steps:

  • Send your enquiry to hotline(at)janus-engineering.com
  • Please do not send enquiries to specific individuals at JANUS Engineering
  • If you need to send large amounts of data, please use our upload area and send the file as a .zip

Your description of the problem should provide step-by-step instructions, the necessary CAD/CAM files and the annotated NC code.

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