• VoluTurn


Fast, simple tool paths for your turning work

Gone are the days when tool paths were laboriously created using CAD geometries such as lines and arcs. VoluTurn enables you to create more efficient, associative tool paths in seconds, while completely preventing collisions.

Your advantages with VoluTurn

  • Increased productivity thanks to shorter cycle times
  • Dramatically reduced programming time for complex components
  • Increased service life of the tool – elimination of overloading and dwell time
  • Reduced machining loads – material entry and exit is always smooth, circular and tangential

An insight into the software module

This software module, which comes from the USA, is an outstanding addition to NX CAM. It is completely integrated into NX and offers a new kind of efficient tool path technology for turning. This is based on unidirectional and bidirectional cut patterns with constant or variable depth, in order to make optimum use of the cutting inserts while avoiding the formation of notches.

VoluTurn is particularly effective for the components used most frequently in the energy industry, i.e. for parts with complex geometries that are turned from materials that are difficult to machine. Industries in which these or similar challenges are faced, particularly stand to benefit from VoluTurn.

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Technical facts at a glance

  • Automatic collision prevention even with full mountings
  • Efficient repositioning between cuts
  • Entry and exit arcs are automatically calculated for optimum performance and to minimise operational wear
  • Interim withdrawal options, based on time, distance or number of passes, to check, index or change inserts
  • Uniform material removal and tool load across the whole pathway

Benefit from JANUS expertise

JANUS Engineering is a partner of Celeritive, the developer of VoluTurn. As a competent service provider we are available to work closely with you to integrate the module into your NX CAM environment and put it to optimum use. Together we will analyse your needs, define precise solutions and support you during implementation and beyond.

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