CMM Inspection Execution

Web-based solution for implementing and distributing DMIS measuring programmes

With the CMM Inspection Execution Software you get a web-based solution to store, retrieve and execute DMIS inspection programmes. Accelerate the entire product development process by using a common method to share, analyse and display inspection results on various CMM and NC machines.

Your advantages

  • Reduction in the time and costs of training specialist staff by using an inspection environment that is easy to use
  • Improved resource utilisation by executing the same inspection programme on different machines, with no reprogramming required
  • Better interdisciplinary communication between manufacturing engineers and workshop operators, by sharing inspection results and eliminating ambiguity
  • Increased productivity of the operator thanks to the execution of different CMMs by the same inspection job user interface

More about the module

With the CMM Inspection Execution module, a central data management system stores DMIS files which have been generated by the CMM Inspection Programming solution, as well as the job results generated by CMM Inspection Execution.

An easy-to-use, web-based interface allows the retrieval of inspection jobs and work instructions and the execution of these jobs and instructions on the CMM machines. A bi-directional interface between the CMM machines and the production design environment can be used to bring DML measuring data back into the CAD model. In this way, the inspection results can be compared with the design tolerances of a part and checked graphically with CMM inspection analysis.

You can also execute DMIS programmes that have been created using CMM Inspection Programming, as well as DMIS-compatible programmes from another source. Operators use the same user interface to execute CMM inspection programmes, regardless of the CMM machine. CMM Inspection Execution performs a DMIS-syntactic inspection to AMSE or ISO standards.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Execution of DMIS inspection programmes on CMM machines
  • Simple graphic navigation for inspection job search
  • Simple inspection of graphic evaluations
  • Storage of inspection results and measuring data automatically in the DML industry standard
  • Interface specification for Inspection Plus Dimensional Metrology Equipment (I ++ DME)
  • Teamcenter integration

Benefit from JANUS expertise

The NX CAM processes of conventional machining methods in mechanical manufacturing are a core competency of JANUS. We use this knowledge, complemented by our experience in adaptive measuring, to integrate CMM machines into the CAD/CAM process for you too. CMM uses the same architecture as an add-on module for NX CAM. So take advantage of our knowledge.