NX CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines

Integrate CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines into the existing part manufacturing process

CMM machines are often completely excluded from the manufacturing process as a standalone solution. However, NX CMM offers you the opportunity to react quickly to measuring results by means of integration into the established CAD/CAM process.

Your advantages

  • Reduced programming time
  • High degree of process reliability thanks to simulation
  • Short cycle time for changes or similar parts
  • Minimisation of training costs thanks to consistent software
  • Frees up costly CMM machine resources

More about the module

Embedded measuring machines, measuring sensors and measuring accessories allow measuring programmes to be created quickly and with good process reliability, following the DMIS industry standard. The associativity makes it possible to react to design changes quickly and with good process reliability.

The Teamcenter integration option allows the controlled and traceable management of the necessary resources and data. In collaboration with PMI and FBM, this results in a highly automated and reliable solution for automatically generating NC data and measuring programmes. The import of measuring results allows direct comparison with the geometry model.

Technical facts at a glance

  • Manual or automatic programming (PMI)
  • Predefined, adaptable post-processors for PC-DMIS, MCOSMOS, Modus etc
  • Collision control thanks to machine simulation
  • Template-based
  • Can be fully managed with Teamcenter

Benefit from JANUS expertise

The NX CAM processes of conventional machining methods in mechanical manufacturing are a core competency of JANUS. We use this knowledge, complemented by our experience in adaptive measuring, to integrate CMM machines into the CAD/CAM process for you too. CMM uses the same architecture as an add-on module for NX CAM. So take advantage of our knowledge.