ZERO CLAMP relies on SpeedMill

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October 2018

ZeroClamp from Bruckmühl Germany have, over the past year, made themselves a household name in the field of clamping. The Company focuses on the development and manufacturing of those products. Clamping systems from ZeroClamp will drastically reduce your setup, changeover and non-productive times and by that your production cost, as well as increasing the safety of your process. Field of application are turning, milling, sanding, eroding and measuring. The newest addition to their line-up, the loading robots Zerobot is another big leap into the future of fully automated manufacturing processes.

ZeroClamp has a big focus on Automation. Not only their customers, but also ZeroClamp themselves automate as much as possible. SpeedMill from JANUS enables them so to simplify the CAM programming of big parts, by learning routine tasks and relieving the programmer of those.

Mr. Fabian Mehlsteibl / CAM-Programmer:

„SpeedMill helped us to greatly reduce our programming times as well as increase the number of programmed parts per day.”

JANUS Engineering is the team of experts that loves a challenge. Where others see limits to what is possible, we create solutions for increased efficiency in the area of CAD / CAM / PLM. In over 30 years of actively using NX we have gathered a unique wealth of experience, which we use every day in our team and continue to expand for our customers. As a result, the production possibilities of tomorrow emerge from good ideas, perfect processes and the right tools.

Our aspiration is to adapt the universality of the system to suit any customer situation as well as possible, with a focus on CAM. Our key aim is to help customers help themselves and the resulting empowerment of the customer. Only the complete adaptation of the technology to suit the customer process, together with the customer's employees, ensure optimum success. This is what we want to be judged by.


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