• Ford Motor Company uses Siemens software with product and manufacturing information (PMI)

Streamlining machining and quality inspection operations using PMI

Ford relies on digital manufacturing software from Siemens in conjunction with PMI and on JANUS Engineering as a partner.

A global automaker headquartered near Detroit since 1903, the Ford Motor Company now employs 190,000 at more than 60 plants worldwide. Beyond its renowned role as a truck and automobile OEM, Ford remains deeply involved in automotive component design and engineering, including engine manufacturing. The company collaborates closely with Siemens and it’s solution partners JANUS Engineering (USA), to launch automated computer numerical control (CNC) machining of new powertrain components.

At Realize LIVE 2020, Siemens’ global customer event Dave Doody from Ford, along with Jerry Lewis from Janus, presented the Ford implementation of PMI using Siemens NX™ software to improve the quality, timing and cost of powertrain component manufacturing launches.

Siemens summarizes their presentation in their latest blog post. 

→ Streamlining machining and quality inspection operations using PMI