JANUS Technology Manager

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Innovative User Interface
Intuitive Handling ➦
Customizable Interface ➦
2D and 3D View ➦
Optimized for Touchscreen ➦
Easy & Quick Searchfunction ➦

Create and Manage
Base Tools ➦
Tool Holder (parametrized) ➦
Tool Assemblies ➦
Extensions (parametrized) ➦
Trackingpoints ➦
Measuring Points ➦
Feed and Speeds ➦
Machining Methods ➦
Part Materials ➦

NX-CAM Integration
Tool Exchange ➦
Tool Update ➦
Adjustment of UDEs ➦
Adjustment of Parameters ➦
Adjustment of Attributes ➦
Process-oriented Technology Data ➦
NX FBM Integration ➦

Parametric Tool Holder Import*

Import of 2D Sketches ➦
Derivation of 3D Tool holder ➦

Parametric Import of Extensions*
Excel Import / Export (Parameters)➦
Automatic creation of 3D Tool Assemblies*-

Plugin.TMGR 3D Import/Export incl. TurningComponents
Adapters (Angleheads, terminal holder)* -
Turning Tools-
Turning Tool Holders*-
Milling/Drilling Tool Holders*-
ToolCreator (TCr)*  ++NEW FUNCTION++-

Tool List
Automatic Connection ➦-

Connection to Tool Preset
Zoller ➦-
Other manufacturersUpon requestUpon requestUpon request

Plugin.TMGR MachineTool ➦

Plugin.TMGR ToolCompare ➦

Installation (1 instance) + Short Training**

Floating Users






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*NX CAD license required
**Package do not contain data migrations

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