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Automating NX Programming with SpeedMill

AMS Collective Webinar

Guest Speaker Heinrich Flaum of JANUS Germany shares the secrets behind his industry recognized NX Black Magic . Heinrich will show how to increase programming throughput by reusing previously generated tool paths and fixture assemblies for any part to automate up to 80% of your daily programming.

Tim Falcone, another NX wizard will dive deeper into the power of JANUS Speedmill for NX. Speedmill is the first self- learning NC Programming automation tool for NX with an adaptive system that allows you to automate recurring 2.5 axis NC programming tasks, relieving your NC programmer of repetitive work and saving time spent on simple programming tasks. Tim will display Speedmill's simple 3 step, select-compute-finish process. SpeedMill not only increases efficiency and enhances throughput, but also reduces tool costs, something engineers once only thought possible by the work of magic.



  • Reduce repetitive programming for simple 2.5D geometry
  • Automatic geometry recognition and tool path generation
  • Intelligent learning and easy to use user interface
  • Highly flexible- use with or without tool management
  • Configured to suit individual production requirements
  • Standardization increases the elimination of erroneous input


  • Increase thoughput
  • Enhance productivity of NC programmers
  • Use best shop practices with all programmers
  • Standardization of your manufacturing process
  • Continual process optimization
  • Automate the tool path to any part in any program

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